Conventional Through-Hole Assembly

When it comes to through-hole assembly, Martin-Woolman not only has the staff but the equipment and machinery to manufacture high quality products.

We are capable of carrying out various assemblies with full procurement or free-issue kits. All work is inspected either by machine or visually to a high standard.

During production of a through-hole PCB, all components are manually kitted, pre-formed and loaded by our fully trained staff. Where possible, assemblies are wave soldered to RoHS compliant criteria. Customer modifications can be added to products along with solder-side components. 

We have numerous tools and equipment to assemble assorted cables and cable looms. These cables can be either hand-soldered, attached to a PCB via connectors or supplied loose according to customer specifications.

We can also combine PCB’s and cable assemblies along with mechanical elements to create a full or part-build product.